This research aimed to study the problems related to volunteer camp arrangements of lecturers, experts and students in higher education. The handling of camp problems were investigated using explanatory sequential design (quan->QUAL) and consisted of 2 steps: the first step used quantitative data obtained from 480 questionnaires, which were surveyed from students who arranged camps. The second step was conducted using qualitative data via interviewing of 5 students who arranged camps and 5 lecturers who were responsible for camp arrangements. The data was analyzed using descriptive analysis (frequency distribution, percentages), and demand and qualitative data analyses. The research results showed that: 1) there were 5 states of camp arrangements that must be improved, including accommodation, meals, travelling, security, and problem solving; 2) the problems related to camp arrangements were budget, problem solving, and team work; and 3) The efficiency of problem solving should be increased to enable better communication, team work and staff creative problem solving.


Faculty of Education, Chulalongkorn University



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