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Optimum Design Of Reinforced Concrete Flat Plate By Firefly Algorithm Subdivided Into Groups

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วัฒนชัย สมิทธากร


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Flat plate structures have been widely used recently due to the ease of construction and increase in floor areas. In general, structural engineers should consider not only strength and safety but also economy of structures. Practically, engineers use personal experience in designing for such structures. As a result, the structures are not guaranteed the most economical. Therefore, this research presents the application of firefly algorithm subdivided into groups to the optimum design of reinforced concrete flat plate structures. This algorithm is a meta-heuristic method inspired by the behavior of fireflies which use flashes to attract mate partners and potential prey. The objective function is the construction cost consisting of the cost of concrete, reinforcement and formwork. Flat plate structures are modelled and analyzed using the equivalent frame method, and reinforced concretes are designed according to ACI 318M-14 code. Computer programs for the optimum design are developed by Java programming language. Primary variables comprise slab thickness, column dimensions, size and number of reinforcing steels along column strips and middle strips in each direction. With the use of firefly algorithm, multiple local optimums can be obtained simultaneously, therefore the global optimum solution can be easily detected.



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