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Purpose: The aim of this study was to investigate the uniformity of film thickness on coated tablets using handheld Raman spectrometer. Methods: Oval-shaped tablets were coated with Opadry® II blue at a pan speed of 8 rpm and spray rates of 8.2 and 10.5 g/min. The coating process was also carried out at the pan speed of 14 rpm and spray rate of 8.2 g/min. Other process parameters, that is, inlet air temperature and atomizing air pressure were kept constant. Twenty coated tablets were taken at 10 min intervals for determination of weight gain. The film deposited on both faces and the band of three tablets was examined by handheld Raman spectrometer. Surface morphology was investigated by scanning electron microscope. Results: The results showed that the coating process could provide smooth film coating on the tablets. An increase in the intensity of specific Raman peaks of TiO2 in the film corresponded to the weight gain. Average and standard deviation of the intensity of the Raman peaks indicated that the tablet faces had thicker and more uniform film than the band region. Conclusion: This work demonstrated feasibility of handheld Raman spectrometer as a potential tool for measurement of film thickness uniformity on tablets.



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