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Objective: This study aimed to explore the eye problems after CQ use, to review if the eye examinations were performed during patients were treated with CQ and to identify factors related to those eye problems. Method: Retrospective study was done. Data were collected from both electronic medical records and medical records. Patients who were treated with CQ during May15, 2010- May 31, 2019 at a general hospital in western Thailand were included. Results: There were 123 patients who were treated with CQ. Eye problems were found in 26 patients (21.14 %). Majority of those had blurred vision (13/26; 50.00%). Focus on having eye examinations, thirty-five patients received eye examinations during the period of taking CQ (28.46%). Factors related to eye problems were long duration of use, the cumulative amount of CQ and the number of systems involved in patient comorbidities. (p-value = 0.012, 0.007 and 0.046 respectively). Conclusions: Patients who were treated with CQ should receive regular eye examinations, especially patients who had factors related to eye problems.



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