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Inventory management analysis for a state-level hospital pharmacy of Myanmar was conducted using ABC-VEN matrix analysis to identify the drug categories that require stringent management control. The annual expenditure of all drug items managed by pharmacy department for the years 2016 and 2017 was analyzed and application of ABC, VEN, and ABC-VEN matrix analysis was performed. The study showed that the average annual expenditure was 288,414 USD. Of the total 297 items of medicines, 7.7% (23), 16.8% (50), and 75.4% (224) were classified as A, B, and C category items, respectively, accounting for 70.4%, 19.7%, and 9.9% of drug expenditure. The VEN analysis revealed that 35.3% (105), 44.8% (133), and 19.9% (59) of items classified as Vital, Essential, and Non-essential category items, respectively, accounting for 65%, 32%, and 3% of drug expenditure. On ABC-VEN matrix analysis, drugs were grouped into Category I (38.0%), Category II (43.1%), and Category III (18.9%) accounting for 82.9%, 15.5%, and 1.5% of drug expenditure. Category I medicines are needed to be controlled strictly whereas Category II and Category III medicines need middle and low level of management, respectively. The ABC-VEN technique was recommended to be used for efficient resource utilization and elimination of wastage and stock-out situations in hospital pharmacies.



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