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In order to improve the low permeability associated with conventional or immediate release dosage forms such as nasal spray and oral solid dosage form, tablets, fexofenadine liposomes were prepared by using ethanol injection method by varying the concentration of surfactant, (Tween -80), along with crude lecithin and cholesterol. The optimized formulations was evaluated for size, shape, entrapment efficiency and in vitro drug release. In this study the optimized formulated liposomes appeared to be spherical in shape and particle size was found to be 4703.667±445 nm. There is 1.25 times more flux of liposome as compared with free drug. The entrapment efficiency was found to be 65% and in vitro permeation was found to be 4.535% in 5 hrs. Fexofenadine liposome (optimized formulation) was formulated with Tween 80, Crude lecithin and cholesterol in the amount of 5ml, 8gm and of 2.5gm respectively which was found to be promising in drug permeation study. The zeta potential was found to be between -15.86 to -28.14 mV which proved liposome particles are well ispersed and stable. Liposome entrapped with fexofenadine was formulated, optimized and various parameters were evaluated successfully.



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