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Introduction: Chitosan, a biopolymer with 97% degree of deacetylation, was used herein, to synthesize an amino sugar anionic surfactant of varied alkyl chain length, using a microwave-assisted synthesis. We were also examined their properties in aqueous form. Objectives: The objectives of the study were to increase the surface activity and water solubility of chitosan derivatives. Materials and Methods: Structural features and crystallinity were confirmed using Fourier transform infrared, ¹H-nuclear magnetic resonance, and X-ray diffraction. The chitosan by itself was found to have weak surface-active properties since it has no hydrophobic segment. Results: The microwave-assisted synthesized sugar amino-based anionic surfactant, synthesis of (2-hydroxyl-3-butoxyl) propyl-succinyl-chitosan-succinyl chitosan was found to have excellent surface-active and detergency properties. The aggregation behavior of amino sugar anionic surfactant was characterized by surface tension, which indicated that it had good surface activity. Conclusion: We believe that good surface activities of synthesized water-soluble surfactants can be used in the formulations of face wash, body wash, liquid detergents, more applications in pharmaceutical, medicine and food industry, etc.



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