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The recent scenario with an outbreak of novel coronavirus has led to dramatic upsurge in mortality and morbidity rates all around the globe. The objective of consolidated article is to provide an updated insight on coronavirus disease (COVID-19) based on the current literature, and it is anticipated that it may serve as a perspective reference in future studies. Scopus, Science Direct, MEDLINE, PubMed, and Google Scholar databases were used to search the literature. For the current review, both research and review articles issued in the English language were considered. The mode of Corona virus disease transmission is through direct contact or inhalation of infected respiratory droplets. The length of period of incubation varies from 2 to 14 days with maximum patients presenting mild symptoms and sign, that is, cough, fatigue, fever, and sore throat. The infection could be worst and life threatening in elderly and immuno-compromised patients. Special diagnostic molecular tests are available for detection and identification of virus. Till date, no cure is available and treatment of patients is only supportive therapy. Preventive measures such as physical isolation, hand washing, and wearing of mask should be followed. Even though, strict measures are taken into account, prevalence of COVID-19 continues to escalate worldwide and coming course of this novel virus is still not known.


Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chulalongkorn University

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