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Background: In the current investigation, a strive became finished to synthesis a novel polymer, starch tartrate by treating potato starch with tartaric acid and utilize it as superdisintegrant for designing candesartan cilexetil (CC) fast-dissolving tablets. Starch tartrate was synthesized from potato starch and evaluated for phytochemical tests, physicochemical properties, and acute toxicity studies. CC tablets have been prepared by usage of a direct compression approach. Results: Acute toxicity studies on novel polymer indicated that there are no physiological changes in the rat behavior and were healthy. Formulated CC tablets were gone through pre- compression parameters, post-compression parameters, and stability studies. All the parameters were observed to be within the pharmacopeia detailed limits. It was found that the formulation of starch tartrate dissolute the drug at a faster rate when compared to other formulations (P < 0.05). Optimized formulation was evaluated for FTIR and DSC analysis revealed that there had been no most important incompatibilities between the active molecule and excipients. Stability research on the optimized formula confirmed the stability of the formulation. Conclusion: It was concluded that the novel polymer, starch tartrate synthesized from potato starch was endow to be appropriate for fast dissolving tablet preparation. The optimized formulation obtained was with decent chemical and physical properties having accelerated disintegration and onset of action.


Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chulalongkorn University

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