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Objectives: The physico-chemical and filler-binder-disintegrant properties of improved hydrophilic powder (HP) derived from the fibre of Ipomoea batatas tuber in a paracetamol tablet was studied.Materials and Methods: A 200 g of the powdered fibre was blended with 600 ml of 0.125 N NaOH and washed with deionized water until neutral, then stirred in 200 ml of 0.50 N HCl, washed until neutral. It was precipitated with 96 % v/v ethanol, dried in a desiccator, pulverized to 250 μm and coded as HP. It was characterized and applied as a filler-binder-disintegrant in paracetamol tablet by wet-granulation and direct- compression beside avicel® PH 101 for comparison as well as a plain natural fibre powder (NFP) as a control. Results and Discussion: The HP was amorphous with high hydration and swelling capacities. Tablets with uniform weight and acceptable mechanical strength were obtained. The tablets generally disintegrated in less than 30 sec, leading to dissolution efficiency of 78.65±0.02% and 81.44±0.01% of paracetamol for the HP in wet-granulation and direct-compression compared to 52.34±0.02% and 57.87±0.03% for avicel PH 101 in wet-granulation and direct-compression respectively. Conclusion: The HP exhibited good filler-binder-disintegrant properties in paracetamol tablet and was better than the avicel PH 101.



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