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Success in language learning has generally been attributed to students' motivation. However, beyond motivation is grit, a psychological construct that has rarely been mentioned in language learning research. This study therefore aimed to investigate the grit of 171 Thai students studying English as a Foreign Language (EFL), and the factors that might have influenced their grit as EFL learners. A questionnaire based on adapted grit scales and a focusgroup discussion were used to collect the data. A statistical analysis was conducted on the questionnaire-derived data. Meta-inferences were made in relation to the transcribed orally- collected data from the focus group discussion in order to draw relevant conclusions. The findings revealed that participants' socio-cultural context influenced their consistency of interest and perseverance of effort at an above moderate level. This may have resulted in making them adaptable in their approach to achieving their learning goals. Future careers, societal needs, life purpose and the reputation as an English major student were found to contribute to the variance. It is suggested that a more perseverance-oriented approach coupled with proper mentoring sessions that is context-relevant should be incorporated into EFL programs to enhance students' interest and effort in attaining their goals.



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