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This study focuses on the role of edutainment at the tertiary level. The context is the teaching and learning of English for Veterinary Profession I (ENG VET PROF I) for second-year university students in Bangkok, Thailand. This course focuses on improving students' listening and speaking skills in the veterinary field. In order to make the materials relevant and attractive to Net Gen learners, a gamebased supplementary e-learning program considered an alternative pedagogy adaptable for Net Gen. The purposes of the study are to develop an effective gamebased supplementary e-learning program, called CULI ZOO, for students in English for Veterinary Profession I and to evaluate the effectiveness of the program. The study sample was the second-year Veterinary Science students enrolled in the English for Veterinary Profession I course in 2014 and 2015. An experimental and a control groups did the same pretest at the beginning of the course. The results from an Independent Samples t-test, at a significance level of 0.05, confirmed that both groups were comparable. Only students in 2015 were exposed to CULI ZOO. Scores from the midterm and final examinations were used as posttest scores. After the experimental group students finished using CULI ZOO, they completed a set of the questionnaires that elicited their opinions toward CULI ZOO. Sixteen students were randomly selected for interviews. The results obtained from the t-test showed a statistically significant difference in the posttest scores between both groups. Likewise, there was a significant difference between the pretest and posttest scores of the students in the experimental group. The data from the questionnaires and interviews showed that the students in the experimental group had positive opinions toward CULI ZOO. In the experimental group, the students' total scores from CULI ZOO correlated with their scores from the posttest.



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