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It is common for learners of English to make grammatical errors in their English Facebook posts that can be noticeable on their walls, which this perhaps as a result, influences the other Facebook users who know about the language to perform the unofficial duty as grammar Nazis and correct the errors. Thus, this research aims to examine if Malay learners of English from UiTM are motivated or demotivated to practice their English on Facebook by posting more statuses in English after receiving corrective feedback from their Facebook friends who act as grammar Nazis. Since the learners are aware that there are other Facebook users who seem to be concerned about their errors, do Malay learners of English welcome such concern and perceive it as a motivational drive that will encourage them to update more statuses in English on Facebook, as a strategy of learning English (through corrective feedback) or not? To find the answer to this question, a questionnaire survey was conducted with 100 UiTM students who are active Facebook users. The findings showed that the respondents in majority welcomed the corrective feedback provided by their Facebook friends who acted as grammar Nazis for the grammatical errors committed by the respondents in writing their Facebook statuses in English.



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