Andrew J. West

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In this paper, the researcher focuses on assessing the language learning benefits for students of adapting the communicative language teaching (CLT) methodology to an English textbook, a methodology that, according to Richards (2006), Littlewood (2008) and others, is influential in shaping second language learning worldwide. This paper is intended to contribute to the understanding of the effectiveness of CLT when applied to a textbook and how the practical application of this methodology can lead to students' increased knowledge and understanding of the subject matter and target language of the textbook as well as assess students' attitudes and perceptions toward those communicative activities. The instruments used in the data collection included a pre- and post-test multiple-choice quiz to ascertain if there is a significant difference in the students' knowledge and understanding of the subject matter in the textbook before and after using communicative activities, and a five-point Likert scale questionnaire with open-ended questions to measure students' attitudes and perceptions. The subjects of the study were two cohorts of students undertaking the LC4002 Integrated English Language Skills Development course conducted at National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) in 2016 (99 students total). The principal findings are that students' knowledge and understanding was higher in the post-tests than the pretests with a statistical significance below .05. Meanwhile, the mean scores of students' attitudes toward the communicative activities were at the high level for the first cohort and very high level for the second; and the mean scores of student's perceptions were at the very true level for both cohorts.



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