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Background: Kratom is a native tree to Southeast Asia. Kratom leaves have long been used medicinally and recreationally due to their stimulative and opioid-like effects attributed to high endogenous levels of mitragynine and related alkaloids. Kratom is widely consumed as tea and is now publicly sold, including on food delivery platforms, after recent decriminalization despite selling of kratom products being still considered illegal by other acts.

Objectives: To assess the formulas of kratom teas sold on Thai food delivery platform together with their consistency and the stability of refrigerated teas.

Methods: Kratom alkaloids, mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, and additive contents of kratom teas purchased from three online food delivery applications at three different times were analyzed by chromatographic analyses. The stability of both alkaloids was evaluated in teas stored at 4°C for 4 weeks.

Results: In addition to kratom alkaloids, kratom teas also contained other drugs and narcotics, especially antihistamines, ketamine, and stimulants. The content tended to be inconsistent both in and between lots, even from the same vendor. The mitragynine/7-hydroxymitragynine ratio was lower in tea samples than in raw kratom leaves and may have seasonal variation. Both alkaloids were stable in kratom teas despite fermentation.

Conclusion: Kratom teas contained other additives in addition to alkaloids. The formulas were inconsistent even from the purchase from the same seller. The kratom alkaloids in the teas were stable at 4°C for 4 weeks. Analyses of kratom teas from the same vendor, but not the products consumed by the patient or the deceased, may not provide sufficient data to the attending physician or pathologist. Law enforcement agencies and online food delivery platforms must strictly control the sale of kratom products that contain other drugs and narcotics.



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