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Background: Due to the sociocultural context of Laplae District, Uttaradit Province as the example district of long-term care services for dependent elderly project. To improve public health, quality of life and mental health of elderly in this district would be interesting and useful. Objective: To explore the abilities of activities of daily living (ADL), the family support, the quality of life, and the mental health of the elderly and relationships among them. Methods: This cross-sectional study with participation of 381 elderly used structured questionnaires included demographic questions, ADL assessment (Barthel of Activities of Daily Living: ADL), family support and quality of life assessment (WHOQOL–BREF–THAI), and elderly mental health assessment (Thai Geriatric Mental Health Assessment Tool: T-GMHA-15). Results: Most subjects were in social-bound elder group. They received family support and had quality of life in moderate level. Their mental health average scores were 46.7. occupation, income, marital status, medical problem, disease status, abilities of activities of daily living, and family support were found being related to quality of life in elderly with P < 0.05 was considered as significant difference. The positive correlation between quality of life and mental health in elderly in the high level was also found. (r = 0.669, P < 0.001) Conclusion: The elderly with higher quality of life tended to have higher scores in mental health. Some factors such as family support and ADL were related to the level of quality of life in the elderly. These results could be applied in knowledge development about quality of life and mental health in Thai elderly in order to develop a proper care plan for elderly.



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