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Background: Prolonged oxidative stress leads to apoptosis of keratinocytes and, consequently, results in skincell damage.Objective: To investigate the in vitro effects of alpha lipoic acid (LA) and lipoic acid loaded calcium citratenanoparticles (LA loaded CaCitNPs) in terms of cell protection against oxidative stress-induced cellular damage.Methods: HaCaT cells were preincubated with and without LA and LA loaded CaCitNPs before oxidative stressinduction by H2O2. The protective effects of both LA and LA loaded CaCitNPs on HaCaT cells were assessedby the percentage of cell viability, percentage of proliferated cells, type of cell death, and ROS generation. Inaddition, we evaluated the effect of LA and LA loaded CaCitNPs in regulating expression of the Sirtuin 1 (SIRT1)gene.Results: Our result has revealed that both LA and LA loaded CaCitNPs have an effect on increasing cellproliferation. H2O2 increases ROS production and decreases SIRT1 expression levels, whereas LA and LAloaded CaCitNPs pretreatment reverses the situation. The treatment with LA loaded CaCitNPs is more effectivethan LA.Conclusion: Our study demonstrates the cytoprotective effects of LA and LA loaded CaCitNPs against oxidativestress induced human epidermal keratinocyte damage.


Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University

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