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Background : Luem-Pua glutinous rice has been reported to contain a high content ofresistant starch (RS). Previous studies showed weight loss, decreasedblood glucose and lipid profiles levels, as well as decreased hyperplasiaand hypertrophy of adipocytes in RS treatment. However, the study ofprotective effects of RS isolated from Luem-Pua glutinous rice on obesityis still needed to provide supportive information for potential use as dietarysupplements or development of therapeutic agents for the treatment obesity.Objective : We aimed to investigate the effects of RS isolated from Luem-Pua glutinousrice on body weight and visceral fat weight, blood parameters, histologicalchanges of visceral fat and thoracic aorta in high-fat diet-fed rats.Methods : Eighteen male rats were divided into three groups (n = 6/group) and dailytreated as follows: control, normal diet; HF+DW, a high-fat diet with distilledwater; HF+LP, a high-fat diet with RS isolated from Luem-Pua glutinousrice. We investigated food intake (FI), final body weight (FBW) and length(FBL), serum glucose, serum lipid profiles. In addition, histology of visceralfat and thoracic aorta were investigated by hematoxylin and eosin (H&E)staining at the end of the experiment.Results : FI and FBW showed significantly negative correlation in the HF group,especially in HF+LP. FBW and visceral fat weight of HF+LP and HF+DWwere significantly increased in comparison to control group. FBL and allblood profiles were not significantly different among the three groups.Ratio of adipocyte area to number and thickness of the thoracic aortawere significantly reduced in HF+LP in comparison to control and HF+DWgroupsConclusion : This study addressed specific protective effects of RS isolated fromLuem Pua glutinous rice on obesity as follows: 1) reduction of adipocytessize, 2) prevention of pathological changes of thoracic aorta, and 3)decreasing of thoracic aorta thickness in high-fat diet-fed rats.


Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University

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