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Background : Functional reach test (FRT), a clinical balance measurement, is used to detect the limit of stability. Performing FRT measure could be in expedient due to the needs to obtain accurate reach distance and cautiousness of high susceptibility to fall. To overcome these occurrences a modified instrument which was easy to read value, adjustable, foldable, and movable has been developed Objective : To investigate the validity, intra- and inter-rater reliability of the modified instrument for FRT. Setting : Phranungklao Hospital Elderly Club, National Stadium. Population sample : Fifteen elderly and 15 young adults; all were healthy volunteers. Research Methodology : Participants were randomized to perform both the traditional FRT and the modified FRT instrument on the same day. Data were obtained by having the participants complete the protocol. Each participant was asked to perform three trials in one session, for two sessions. Mean reaching distance of the three trials was analyzed. Intra-class correlation-coefficient (ICC) was used to evaluate intra-and inter-rater reliability. Mean reaching distance of three trials was analyzed. The modified FRT instrument was correlated with traditional FRT using Pearson r correlation. Results : This study demonstrates high inter-rater- reliability (ICC 2, 3= 0.78 - 0.94) and high intra-rater (ICC 3, 2 = 0.77-0.97), with high correlation (Pearson r = 0.79). The standard error of measurement was 0.42 - 0.46 inches Conclusions The modified instrument more comfortable use of measuring method for accurate results and allows measurer to be cautious only on susceptibility to fall.



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