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Background : HIV adolescents received a lot of pressure from their family and society about passing their HIV virus to their partners. Some care takers would like their children to be infertile. This causes distress and can create risk sexual behaviors. The attitude towards sexuality can predict sexual well being. Objective : The purpose of this study research was to study the attitude towards sexuality of HIV adolescents at the Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Center. Setting : The HIV Netherland Australia Thailand Research Collaboration (HIV-NAT) clinic located at The Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Center. Design : A cross – sectional descriptive study Method : Data were collected from HIV adolescents who knew their HIV status and received the services at HIV-NAT clinic during the period between 16 December 2011 - 3 February 2012. Eighty adolescents completed questionnaires on demographics, knowledge, and attitude toward sexual issue. An in-dept-interview was conducted in 29 adolescents. Result : HIV adolescents age between16 - 18 yrs. have 5 times more positive attitude towards sexuality than HIV adolescents age between 13 - 15 yrs. And 96% of the group who did not have sexual intercourse were less likely to have a positive attitude than those who were sexually active. Factors that significantly associated with positive attitude towards sexuality were ages, level of education, viral load, substance-use (cigarette and alcohol), night life, sexual activities of friends, having boyfriend or girlfriend, prohibition to have boyfriend or girlfriend and experience of sexual intercourse. Conclusion : Around 60% of HIV adolescents have negative attitude toward sexuality. Some of them feel guilty although they were used condom with their partners and have inadequate understanding about HIV transmission.



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