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Research Purpose : Thai traditional massage (TTM) can mitigate drug cravingsuch as cigarette. Nevertheless, further finding is required inorder to investigate the effect of massage on alcohol craving.Objective : To study alcohol craving in subjects receiving TTMSetting : Thanyarak InstituteResearch Design : Cross-over experimental designPopulation sample : 18 males hospitalized for alcohol dependency treatment inrehabilitation stageResearch Methodology : Data was obtained by having patients completed computerizedself-evaluation forms comprising of Penn Alcohol CravingScale, Visual Analog Scale and blood pressure / pulse ratewhile they were stimulated by video of alcohol consumption.The samples undertook the evaluation forms in 3 daysincluding the day with no activity, the day with TTM, andthe day with reading newspapers. The latter two activitieswere randomly assigned alternately. The data were analyzedby Generalized Estimating Equations (GEE).Finding : Alcohol craving level in the day with TTM was lower thanreading activity and no activity (p <0.01). There was nodifference of alcohol craving level between reading activityand no activity (p = 0.4). In addition, TTM reduced thestimulated, anxious, hungry, high, paranoid, tongue-tied andbad feelings (p <0.01). However, there was no effect of TTMon restlessness. TTM also lowered systolic/diastolic bloodpressures and pulse rate (p <0.01).Conclusion : TTM reduced alcohol craving, other feelings as well as bloodpressures and pulse rate of the subjects who were stimulatedwith pictures of alcohol consumption.


Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University

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