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Research Purpose : Thai traditional massage (TTM) can mitigate drug craving such as cigarette. Nevertheless, further finding is required in order to investigate the effect of massage on alcohol craving. Objective : To study alcohol craving in subjects receiving TTM Setting : Thanyarak Institute Research Design : Cross-over experimental design Population sample : 18 males hospitalized for alcohol dependency treatment in rehabilitation stage Research Methodology : Data was obtained by having patients completed computerizedself- evaluation forms comprising of Penn Alcohol Craving Scale, Visual Analog Scale and blood pressure / pulse rate while they were stimulated by video of alcohol consumption. The samples undertook the evaluation forms in 3 days including the day with no activity, the day with TTM, and the day with reading newspapers. The latter two activities were randomly assigned alternately. The data were analyzed by Generalized Estimating Equations (GEE). Finding : Alcohol craving level in the day with TTM was lower than reading activity and no activity (p <0.01). There was no difference of alcohol craving level between reading activity and no activity (p = 0.4). In addition, TTM reduced the stimulated, anxious, hungry, high, paranoid, tongue-tied and bad feelings (p <0.01). However, there was no effect of TTM on restlessness. TTM also lowered systolic/diastolic blood pressures and pulse rate (p <0.01). Conclusion : TTM reduced alcohol craving, other feelings as well as blood pressures and pulse rate of the subjects who were stimulated with pictures of alcohol consumption.



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