Chulalongkorn Medical Journal


S. Nimitwongsin


Standard precautions are needed to prevent infection as a measure of basic medical practices when providing medical care to all patients. Medical personnel are important for reducing the risks of infection in the operation room. Sterile production environments need to be clean all the time. Since the air is a carrier of particles and microorganisms that cause product contamination, sterile medicinal products must have special additional requirements, so that there are minimal risks of contamination. Also, it has the features and room environments. This is called the cleanroom: the standard of which is classified by the number of particles in the room. Microbial concentrations should not exceed certain levels in a cleanroom. Monitor and control of the cleanroom must be consistency underspecified timeline which is related to the standard of a clean room. The keyworkers must abide by the rules to work in a cleanroom and realize its principles. This will enables better methods of production.



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