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Many researches have been carried out for many years, try to explain spinal load on daily living activities. From the idea that most of the back pain patients may have intervertebral disc pathologies such as disc degenerated disease, disc herniation, etc. At the present time, there are limit amounts of reliable informations about load on spinal column because the accurate data must be from in vivo study due to the important role of spinal muscles force that act on spinal column during daily living activities. So, the ethical problem must be another issue for these kinds of study.The data that has been collected in this article show that forward bending position may cause spinal load over 10 times over lying position. And the spinal load may be increased up to over 20 times between lying position and bending forward to pick up 20Kg. weighted thing from the floor.


Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University

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