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Background : Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease with high and rising prevalence worldwide. Diabetic patients have to control their levels of blood sugar to avoid complications. Diet control is one of the important factors that condition blood sugar level. Several studies showed that the prevalence of depression was high in chronic patients including diabetes, and depression affects the self-care behaviors. Objective : To examine for the association between depression and diet control cooperation as well as glycemic control in patients with type 2 diabetes. Design : This research is a cross-sectional study. Setting : Diabetes Clinic, Outpatient Department, Phuthasothon Hospital, Chachoengsao Province. Materials and methods : Type 2 diabetic patients without history of depression were evaluated for depression and diet control by questionnaires. Glycemic control was determined by HbA1C and FBS. Nutrients and caloric intakes were also evaluated. Results : The result showed that depression is associated with diet control. It is also related with glycemic control. Conclusion : Depression is related to diet and glycemic control in type 2 diabetic patients.



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