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Objective : The purpose of this research was to study mental health and associated factors to the mental health of outpatients of Thai traditional medicine and alternative medicine at Chao Phya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital. Research design : A cross-sectional descriptive study. Participants : Outpatients of Thai traditional medicine and alternative medicine. Method : The subjects were 110 outpatients who received treatment at Thai traditional medicine and alternative medicine of Chao Phya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital in December, 2011. The data were obtained through self-complete questionnaire from their families: 15-item mental health indicator questionnaire in Thai, life stress event questionnaires and coping scale on 36 coping behaviors. Statistical tests used included descriptive statistic, Chi-square test, Fisher’s exact test and Pearson’s product moment correlation coefficient analysis. Results : Most subjects were female (74.5%) and 60% of their age were more than 40 years. The Thai mental health indicator scores indicated that 69.1% of the subjects had poor mental health. The factors significantly related to mental health status were found to be age, stressfull event regarding moving, coping scale in dealing with problem and coping scale in emotions management. Conclusion : The result of the study shows that the majority of outpatients had poor mental health. This should be further evaluated and followed up. Mental health and related factors should be concerned, including mental health promotion and coping skill for better mental health.



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