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Background : The rate of HIV infection in men who have sex with men is still on the rise despite the decline in other groups of population. The main reason for the infection of this population is the sexual risk behavior. A number of researches have shown that compulsive sexual behavior in men who have sex with men could be one of the factors related to sexual risk behavior. Objectives : To study the prevalence of compulsive sexual behavior and its related factors in men who have sex with men. Setting : Men Health Clinic, the Anonymous Clinic, Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre Design : A cross - sectional descriptive study. Materials and Method : Data were collected from 151 men who have sex with men who receive the services at the Anonymous Clinic from November 22, 2011 to February 15, 2012. The research instruments consisted of the demographic questionnaire, the sexual behavior, the Sexual Compulsivity Scale, the Alcohol Use Disorder Identification, the Thai General Health Questionnaire 12, and the Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI Form Y). Data were analyzed by using descriptive statistics, chi-square test, independent t-test, one-way ANOVA, and logistic regression analysis where appropriate. Results : In total, 12.6% of the population were found sexually compulsive. Factors that are significantly associated are the relationship status, trait anxiety, irregular condom used with main or nonmain partners, and the average amount of time spent daily on sexual activities. Multivariate analysis showed 2 factors significantly associated with compulsive sexual behavior, i.e. average time spent daily on sexual activities (OR 14.17, 95%CI = 2.63 – 76.4) and irregular condom used with non-main partners (OR 5.53 95%CI = 1.28 – 23.78). Conclusion : CSB is significantly related to sexual risk behavior. Further study to better understand the mechanism of CSB and determine the proper intervention to prevent sexual risk behavior may be necessary for this group of population.



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