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Background : Kinesio taping has been used in conjunction with physical modalities for the treatment of plantar fasciitis. However, there is a lack of evidence to support this benefit. Objective : To investigate the effects of kinesio taping plus stretching compared with stretching alone in patients with plantar fasciitis. Design : Repeated measures experimental design. Setting : Physical Therapy Clinic, the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, Chulalongkorn University. Materials and Methods : A total of 19 patients with plantar fasciitis were studied. Ten patients received a program of kinesio taping plus stretching, while nine patients received only stretching program. Initially, subjects in the experimental group were taped with kinesiotapes for 5 days continuously without the removal of the tape. Changing of a new tapes was performed on day 6 and day 11 of the program, respectively. Outcome measures included three heel pain scores which were assessed in the morning, during the day, and last week, as well as foot disability score. All measurements were collected at baseline, 1 and 2 weeks follow up. Two-way ANOVA was used for data analysis. The significant level was set at 95%. Results : All pain scores after the 2-week intervention were decreased significantly in both groups as compared with the baseline levels (p <0.05). There was a trend in the reduction of pain in the taping plus stretching group that was greater than those in the stretching group alone. However, there was no statistically significant change of the foot disability scores in both groups. Conclusions : The combination between the kinesio taping plus stretching could reduce heel pain. Thus, kinesio taping can be used as an alternative option in the conservative treatment of plantar fasciitis.



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