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Background : The study of stress and related factors may help decrease stress and support treatments in hypertensive patients. Objective : To study stress level, levels of social supports and daily activities and to study the correlation between activities of daily living and social supports for stress management of hypertensive patients at Outpatient Unit Care of Lomsak Hospital, Petchabun Province and its related factors. Design : A cross – sectional descriptive study. Setting : Lomsak Hospital, Petchabun Province. Materials and Methods : 380 hypertensive patients were requested to answer four questionnaires: 1) Demographic data form; 2) Suanprung Stress Test; 3) Social support questionnaire; and, 4) Activities of daily living (Chula ADL Index) questionnaire. Results : The level of stress was moderate (76.5%) and level of total social support was mild (2.41 ± 0.57), and the score of activities of daily living was high (8.05 ± 1.62). The total social support score and stress had a significant negative correlation, whereas the activities of daily living and stress have no correlation. The results from data analyzed by linear regression analysis: age, social support, alcohol use and sufficiency of income correlated with stress. Conclusion : This study found the stress was of moderate level; the total social support was of mild level; and, the score of activities of daily living was of high level. Social supports were correlated to stress, whereas activities of daily living were not correlated with stress. Knowledge of stress level and correlated factors may be useful for medical staff and care givers in the treatment of hypertensive patients. Moreover, patients can manage stress appropriately by themselves.



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