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Background : Ruamkatanyu rescue workers are working in pressure of emergency situation with severely injured patients or corpses. The quality of life in this group of subject has not been studied. Objective : To study quality of life and associated factors among Ruamkatanyu rescue workers. Design : A cross – sectional descriptive study. Setting : Ruamkatanyu rescue foundation in Bangkok Metropolis. Materials and Methods : All of current Ruamkatanyu rescue workers (during September- December 2009, without sampling) in Bangkok Metropolis (N = 236) were approached for informed consent. The questionnaire assessed for demographic data, quality of life questionnaire (WHOQOL-BREF-THAI), stress and burnout questionnaire, the Personal Resource Questionnaire (PRQpart II) and occupational stress questionnaire were completed by all subjects. Statistical analyses were included Univariate and logistic regression analysis. Results : Among 236 subjects, One hundred fifty-eight (66.9%) had a moderate level of quality of life, 74 (31.4%) had a good quality of life, and 4 (1.7%) had a poor quality of life. When dividing QOL into 4 aspects; physical health, mental health, social relationships, and environment, most of Ruamkatanyu rescue workers still had a moderate level of QOL in every aspect. The factors which statistically significant associated with overall QOL were perception of social support, decision latitude, satisfaction in workers’ welfare, desire for career development, and occupational stress. When using logistic regression analysis, decision latitude was still statistically significant associated with overall QOL (OR = 38.566, 95% CI = 5.084 – 292.523, p< 0.000). Conclusion : The majority of Ruamkatanyu rescue workers in Bangkok Metropolis had moderate level of quality of life. Awareness of factors associated with quality of life in this group of workers will aid executive/ administrator in promotion of quality of life among this group of rescue workers.



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