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Background : Since clinical chemistry testing has been taken as crucial in healthcaremanagement, a good laboratory quality assurance system with the fastestturnaround time is therefore highly valued for physicians to assess patient’sconditions and treatment options. Although, several high throughputautomated chemistry analyzers are available, the analytical performanceof these analyzers should be considered for selecting in routine laboratoryservices.Objective : To compare the analytical performances of the high automated chemistryanalyzers between Abbott Architect c8000 and Roche Cobas c501(Cobas 6000 series).Method : Twenty-five chemistry laboratory parameters were evaluated in bothanalyzers. Imprecision studies were performed using Multiqualฎ chemistrycontrols (Bio-Rad). Each control was assayed 20 times, and run for 20consecutive days to evaluate the inter- and intra-variable data, respectively.The comparative performance studies were conducted by using 30 randomlyserum samples and the correlation coefficient (r) were analyzed.Results : Inter- and intra- variable precisions for controls range from 0.50 - 4.93%in overall parameters except in bicarbonate and bilirubin (>5.47%).These results indicate high precision (<5%) and emphasize the instabilityof both parameters in the controls. Moreover, daily measurement of highand low level of controls confirms the accuracy and reproducibility ofArchitect c8000 analyzers. The comparative performance studiesdemonstrate an excellent correlation between Architect c800 and Cobasc501 with the correlation coefficients (r) above 0.975.Conclusion : Both analyzers demonstrate satisfactory correlation of 25 chemistrylaboratory parameters with each other. Due to their similar performance,it can be stated that they are interchangeable and suitable for routine usein laboratories of medium to large size.

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