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A Thai law for drug addict rehabilitation has been in force for almost 10 years.In 2000, Thailand and China accounted for over 70% of global MA seizures and over 100,000individuals received treatment for MA dependency treatment each year in Thailand. Reportedhere is a case of female teenager who had a history of major depressive disorder and,according to the law, was hospitalized for methamphetamine dependency treatment. Thepatient was engaged in a number of antisocial behaviors before admission, including runningaway from home, starting fights with friends, lying, and using illegal substance. A physicaland mental status examination showed no striking abnormalities. After four months ofhospitalization where the patient went through a drug treatment program without any medicationshe was declared drug-free and released from the hospital. Close outpatient monitoring ismandatory to prevent relapse.


Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University

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