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According to the development of treatment and prevention of mental disorders in the past 10 - 20 years, several new psychotropic drugs in four categories of antipsychotics, antidepressants, mood stabilizers and anxiolytics have been introduced for the treatment and found to improve efficacy and response to treatment. Regarding psychotherapies, there are many forms and techniques that have been developed and successfully applied to treatment such as psychodynamic psychotherapy, interpersonal psychotherapy, interpersonal and social rhythm therapy, satir model and cognitive-behavioral therapy. For some mental disorders, dual treatment combines the unique advantages of each therapeutic modality. Clinicians should consider treatment decision in the context of individual patients, type and stage of illness, treatment efficacy and options, and others that for the balance of benefit, acceptability and cost. Early intervention for mental disorders and also prevention can be beneficial for mental health and quality of life of the population.



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