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Background : Factors indicated length of intensive care unit and hospital might beuseful for improving ICU management.Objective : To identify factors that influence ICU and hospital stays after open heartsurgery with cardiopulmonary bypass at King Chulalongkorn MemorialHospital.Design : Retrospective descriptive study.Methods : Adult patients who underwent elective open heart surgery withcardiopulmonary bypass in 2009 were recruited population. Medicalrecords were reviewed in terms of pre-operative conditions (patientcharacteristics, underlying diseases and laboratory data) and intraoperativeevents (type of operation, anesthetic technique, cardiopulmonarybypass time and aortic cross-clamp time). Multiple regressions wereanalyzed for identifying possible influenced factors.Results : In total of 217 patients, the mean lengths of ICU and hospital stays were3.94 ± 7.93 days and 20.06 ± 17.52 days respectively. The significantfactors influenced the length of ICU stay were age > 70 years andpre-operative WBC count > 10,000 cells/cm3. The length of hospitalstay was found to be influenced only by pre-operative WBC counts> 10,000 cells/cm3.Discussion : The factor that significantly influenced to the lengths of ICU and hospitalstays was the preoperative WBC level > 10,000 cell/mm3, in which thesefindings might imply significance of SIRS. Another significant factorthat was age > 70 years (more than 30% of patients) should be noticedin order to plan for future ICU management.Conclusion : Two significant factors influenced ICU and hospital stays werepreoperative WBC level > 10,000 cell/mm3 and patient age > 70 years.


Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University

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