Chulalongkorn Medical Journal


J. Sukhaboon


Background : Head and neck cancer is a leading type of cancer in Thailand.According to clinical data base from the Lopburi Cancer Center,head and neck cancer ranks first among all cancer types in menand ranks the third among all cancer types in women. Unfortunately,there has been a lack of information of five-year survival rate ofhead and neck cancer patients treated at Lopburi Cancer Center.Objective : To determine 5-year survival rate and prognostic factors for survivalof patients with head and neck cancer treated with combinedmodalitytherapy at Lopburi Cancer Center.Setting : Lopburi Cancer Center.Material and Method : The author retrospectively analyzed the patient-tumor characteristicand treatment outcomes of 338 patients with head and neck cancerwho were treated at Lopburi Cancer Center 2002. The author usedKaplan-Meier method to describe the overall survival. The authoranalyzed associations of patients and tumor characteristics withoverall survival rate using the log-rank test.Results : There were 272 deaths. The 5-year survival was 18.34%.The median survival was 1.063 years (95% confidence interval,0.953-1.173years). The characteristics was statistically significantassociated with decreased survival included the stage of diseaseand body mass index (BMI).Conclusion : Overall, the prognosis of patients with head and neck cancer wasnot good. The subgroup of patients who presented with advancedstage of the disease and body mass index (BMI) <18.5kg/m2 hada poor long-term outcome.



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