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Background : Ankle arthroplasty plays an important role in pain relieve and improving the functions of end-stage ankle osteoarthritis. Now the ideal prosthesis is being developed. The fundamental data for invention of a novel design is ankle morphology objective : To study ankle morphology in the Thai population and compare with the current morphologic data. This study also seeks for the most compatible design for the Thai population. Design : Descriptive study Setting : Department of Orthopaedics, Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University Material and Methods : Ankle images from MRI were collected and measured parameters that are important for develop ankle prosthesis were measured. Results : The ankle parameters are described in detail. Thai ankles are smaller than the current data. The study found some parameters that are different from the previous ones because of the methods of measurement. When compare with the current prosthesis available now, TNK from Japan is the most compatible with the Thai population. Conclusions : The present data demonstrates the valid ankle parameter and play an important role to develop the new ankle prosthesis.



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