Chulalongkorn Medical Journal


V. Vatjanapukka


“Drugs” are essential for human life. Pharmaceutical companies must have a higher responsibility than other businesses because drugs directly affect lives and health of the consumers. Sometimes, their unwanted impacts cannot be compensated or resolved. Therefore, the pharmaceutical industry should adopt a different framework of thought from other types of marketing. When drug companies run their promotions or lunch any advertising program, doctors and consumers have to be aware of their risks and benefits of the marketing strategies. This paper tries to identify the possible risks and potential benefits of Direct-toConsumer Advertising (DTCA) that may arise. It will allow consumers to build up a greater awareness upon receiving any information related to a pharmaceutical product which can be both dangerous and essential to life. Moreover, the paper has indicated the research gap of DTCA area in Thailand. Recommended guidelines and future researches are also suggested.


Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University

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