Chulalongkorn Medical Journal


M. Tumkosit


urpose : Right ventricular (RV) mass is very uncommon. We retrospectively reviewed characteristics of RV mass detected by cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging (CMR). Objective : To describe types of RV mass, magnetic resonance (MR) signal intensity, and enhancement of RV mass in CMR. Setting : King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, a large medical school, tertiary care and cardiac center for treatment of heart diseases in Thailand. Research design : Retrospective review. Methods : CMR studies during Jan 1st, 2007 to July 31st, 2009 were reviewed. All patients who had RV mass were recruited. CMR findings were correlated with operative notes, pathology reports and/or clinical diagnosis. Result : In total, 243 CMR studies were performed. There were 4 patients (1.65% of total CMR examination) with RV mass: 2 cases were primary cardiac tumor, i.e., malignant fibrosarcoma of right ventricle and benign RV myxoma; and the other 2 cases were intracardiac thrombus. The tumors showed heterogeneous enhancement whereas no enhancement in the thrombus. Conclusion : CMR is useful to characterize tumor and thrombus by using contrast enhancement.



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