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Soil respiration (Rs) plays a key role in regulating the terrestrial carbon cycle. The nature of this role is determined by the different responses of root respiration (Rr) and microbial respiration (Rm) to environmental factors such as precipitation, soil moisture and temperature. Understanding these responses is fundamental to improving our predictions of climate change impacts on carbon cycling processes. In this study, the ratio of root respiration to soil respiration (Rr/Rs) was studied to improve our understanding of soil CO2emissions. The study aimed to improve our knowledge of Rr in relation to rainy season soil environmental factors in a dry dipterocarp forest in northern Thailand. With values of Rrranging from 41.04-61.97 mgCO2m-2h-1, with a Rr/Rsratio from 23-48%,the results suggest that soil moisture was a main driver for emitted CO2from Rr while soil temperature was only weakly related with Rr during the rainy season. However, longer-term studies are needed, including measurements of root biomass to improve accuracy and understanding of the dynamics of root respiration and their linkages with CO2emissions.

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