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This manuscript compiles the data collection of land uses around transit station in terms of density, mixed use and land use types that correspond with the Transit Oriented Development (TOD) concept. Through this end, the surrounding areas from six selective stations in Bangkok and three stations in Singapore within the radius of 500 meters from the transit station exits were investigated and analyzed for the land use indicators, including densities such as Floor Area Ratio, average number of floors, etc., mixed use percentages and the percentage of land use areas that support the TOD concept. The data show that land uses around Bangkok transit stations do not match with TOD concept comparing with Singapore ones. It was found that transit stations which have higher density, mixed-use land development and high percentages of land development areas that support TOD concept clearly have higher transit ridership. The data from this research yield important information for related organizations to issue measures and regulations for both existing and future land use development around Thailand's transit stations such that they would better support transit ridership.



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