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The study of first aid logistics operations plan for flood victims within and after 48 hours focused upon the enhancement of current emergency respond system capacity in providing support to the victims in the Northeast of Thailand where sometimes having flood during monsoon period. The study involved two stages of first aid logistics management comprising (a) first aid logistics operations for flood victims during the first 48 hours which the flood victims and related organizations faced unplanned situation and must respond to the incident immediately, (b) first aid logistics operations for flood victims post the first 48 hours which request assistance from organizations outside the affected area, donation collection, disaster remedy, transportation of victims. The results of the study would improve the existing logistics operation plan to be in terms of time and cost management. The study focused on flood aid mission for victims to survive in the medium to high level of risk violence. Key research informants were seven organizations working on providing emergency aid to flood victims located in Northeastern region. They are (1) disaster prevention and mitigation unit, (2) military unit, (3) Thai Red Cross unit, (4) public health unit, (5) rescue unit and foundation, (6) provincial administrative organization unit, and (7) highway and rural road unit. Questionnaire and in-depth interview were selected to be study method of quality information. Mathematical model program was selected to analyze quantitative data.



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