The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


The aim of this study is to reveal the productivity rate of selective media for Brucella strains. Brucella selective media namely Farrell’s medium, CITA, Modified Thayer-Martin, Jones-Morgan medium and one additional medium including erythritol and antibiotics were compared within the scope of productivity rate and colony growth in time. The comparison was carried out using 14 strains including Brucella abortus biovars, S19 vaccine strain, Brucella suis biovars and Brucella ovis. Erythritol addition showed a positive effect on colony growth in time. In addition to differences between the productivity rates of the media; there was also some variation in the colony size in time among different media. Modified Thayer Martin medium presents the highest productivity rate for the majority of the strains used. Achieving successful isolation depends on the productivity rate and medium’s capacity for inhibiting the contaminant microorganism. The data related to both productivity rate and colony size growth could be beneficial to increasing isolation chance through the selection of the most appropriate medium depending on the target Brucella species and biovar in the sample.

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