The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine

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The 40th Anniversary of the Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine

Songkram Luangtongkum

1975-1976 Editor-in-Chief

Four decades ago, when we were called

“หนงเกี๊ยะ (Nongkia)” or “greenhorn staff”* of the Faculty of Veterinary Science, Chulalongkorn University, with energetic drive and efforts, we dreamed to have our own journal and hoped that it would be the first and the best academic journal of Veterinary Science in Thailand. Later, the first editorial board and staff were formed with the approval of the Faculty Board. M.L. Akanee Navarat was the first editor.

Our first journal (Vol. 1, No. 1) named “เวชชสารสัตวแพทย์ (Wetchasan-sattawaphaet)” in Thai or “Journal of the Thai Veterinary Medicine” in English** was issued in January, 1971. Later on (Vol. 1, No.2) the name in English has been adjusted to “The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine”, which has been used until now.

We at our starting point realized that keeping a quarterly journal published regularly was a hard work but improving the quality of a journal was even much harder. However, continuous efforts to overcome the unexpected obstacles have been pushed throughout the past four decades. Since the first issue of the journal, we have looked forward to developing the journal step by step and have aimed to improve the quality of the journal at least every ten years.

The journal contents were started from mostly case reports and literature reviews of interesting subjects, written in Thai or English with or without abstracts, then it has been improved by having more details on research works reported in Thai with English abstracts or vice versa, and finally, the contents were more concentrated on research works reported in English with Thai abstracts. The ultimate goal of this journal is to improve the quality of the contents to meet an international standard and with the hope that our publications will be able to be retrieved from international scientific databases someday in the future. We do hope that our “high qualification young Faculty members” will try their best to boost-up the quality of this journal to reach its ultimate goal in the years to come.

Thai J vet Med Editor Note 40(1): 7-8