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Although insulin resistance is widely accepted as one of the main characteristics of type 2 diabetes, there are studies suggesting that there is a link between the development of type 1 diabetes and insulin resistance in recent years. Therefore, in this study, it was aimed to investigate the effects of Prunus laurocerasus (PL) seeds, fruit and leaf extracts on hyperglycemia, adiponectin and irisin levels which are known to be effective in the mechanisms of insulin sensitivity, and oxidative stress in rats with type 1 diabetes. The study groups were as follows: normoglycaemic (NC), diabetic control (DC), diabetic + seed extract (D+S), diabetic + fruit extract (D+F), diabetic + leaf extract (D+L) and diabetic + insulin (D+I) groups. Fasting blood glucose levels showed significant decreases in the experimental groups starting from the 10th day compared to the DC group. HbA1c (except for D+L group), adiponectin and TNF-α levels decreased, whereas irisin levels increased in the experimental groups compared to the DC group. In addition, it was determined that MDA levels decreased while GSH levels increased in experimental groups compared to DC group. To conclude, especially the fruits and seeds extracts of PL plant have strong lowering hyperglycemia, insulin sensitivity and anti-oxidative effects.



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