The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


The paw pads, which can produce moderate changes that are reflected in mechanical and grounding characteristics, play an important role for domestic cats in realizing their biological characteristics. The purpose of this study was to investigate these moderate changes of paw pads in various gaits i.e. walking, trotting and emergency stop gaits based on the ground reaction forces and contact strain experiments to obtain the mechanical and grounding shape representations. The results proved that with the change of gait, the representations changed obviously. For the ground reaction forces, the response of the fore paw pads was more sensitive than that of hind and the point of force also changed from the outside to the middle of the pads with the gait from walking to trotting. In addition, in the walking gait, the contact shape was in the natural state but the contact shape pointed to the inside deflection and appeared discrete in the trotting and emergency stop gait respectively. The peak value of contact principal strain was little different between the three gaits but there were obvious differences in distribution characteristics and strain direction. These findings could help to understand the relationship between paw pads and cat biological characteristics.

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