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True hermaphrodites are animals with both male and female gonads that have concurrently developed in the same individual. The incidence of true hermaphroditism is moderately higher in pigs than in other domestic animals. The aim of this study was to describe the genital organs of gilts culled due to anestrus with true hermaphrodites by gross and histological analysis. Three anestrus gilts were categorized as unilateral true hermaphrodites, having one ovotestis and one ovary, while three other gilts were bilateral true hermaphrodites with two ovotestes. The anomalous structures of the female genital organs, such as oviductal aplasia and hyperclitoris were found in these gilts. The testicular tissue ofall ovotestes was mainly composed of Sertoli cells without any spermatogenic cells and a peculiar proliferation of Leydig cells. The anatomical and histological structures of the ovary, ovarian tissue of ovotestis, oviduct and uterus seemed to be normal in some pigs but the incidence of endometritis, uterine edema and uterine epithelial deterioration occurred in both groups and, in particular, ovarian cysts were usually detected in the bilateral ovotestes. These findings clarify the abnormalities of true hermaphrodite gilts in commercial pig stocks in Thailand and indicate the association between the anomalous development of genital organs and the genetic/hormonal disorders that could be the cause of anestrus.



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