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"Pale, soft and exudate" pork has been known for a long time from experience among the meat inspectors. There has been a growing interest in studies of physilogical and biochemical factors of importance to the morphology as well as physical properties of pork. Existence of consider-able variations of these aspects of pork quality has been known for many years. Ludvigsen (1953) stated that such muscular changes greatly detoriorate the quality of product in meat packing industry. Furthermore, its keeping properties are greatly reduced even under the best storage condition. The term "pale, soft, exudate" is used in Rulcker (1968) work to designate of macroscopical changes in skeletal muscles of pig, This is characterized by discolouration as paleness, soft in consistency and wateriness of the skeletal muscle. These altered pictures of the skeletal muscle macroscopically seem to be similar to those of the ''muscular degeneration" which is described by Ludvigsen (1953).

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