The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


The present case report describes a 6-year-old, mixed-breed bitch that was referred due to anorexia, polyuria, polydipsia, and lethargy for 2 weeks. The bitch had been spayed 4 years previously at a different clinic. Vaginal inspection by speculum and cytology was not possible because the vaginal canal had been closed surgically. Stump pyometra was suspected upon ultrasonographic and clinical examination. However, the whole uterus and ovaries were observed during surgery. Thus, the bitch had in fact not been spayed as noted anamnesis, but rather the vagina had been sutured to prevent copulation. Histopathological analysis of the uterus and ovaries revealed findings consistent with those for uterine leiomyoma, pyometra, and paraovarian cyst. Therefore, the bitch was diagnosed with pyometra with leiomyoma and a paraovarian cyst. Consequently, it is emphasized that vaginal suturing is an inappropriate and unacceptable method of contraception.

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