The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


A Saanen Maltese mixed-breed doe, about 5 years old, at last gestation, was presented with a complaint of a gradually enlarging swelling on the caudo-ventral area of the abdomen and proximal part of the udders. In clinical examination, abdominal distension and enlargement, a swelling beginning at the right perineal region and extending to the caudo-ventral area of the abdomen and the dorsal site of the udders, were observed. Two fetus and their organs (extremities) were felt by palpation of the swelling. Pulsations of the yeanlings in the swelling were determined by ultrasonographic examination. Vaginal examination result was normal and cervix was closed. Considering the health status, possible dystocia problem of the doe, the yeanlings were removed by Caesarean section under general anesthesia. The planned surgical correction of the hernial hole could not be performed on the perineal region because the patient’s owner did not permit this surgical approach.



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