The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


Blood protozoan species of the genera Theileria and Babesia are known to infect both domestic and wild animals. This study was carried out to detect Theileria and Babesia DNA in Stomoxyini flies collected in Khao Yai National Park, Thailand. A total of 110 Stomoxyini flies including 6 species, Stomoxys calcitrans, Stomoxys indicus, Stomoxys pullus, Stomoxys uruma, Haematobosca sanguinolenta and Haematostoma austeni, were examined by amplification against the 18S rRNA gene of the Theileria/Babesia species and then the PCR products were sequenced for species identification by comparison with published sequences from the GenBank database. Ten (9.1%) out of 110 samples were positive against the 18S rRNA gene of the Theileria/Babesia species. For sequence analysis, 7 samples (6.4%) were identified as Theileria sp. and showed high identity (99%) with Theileria sp. (JQ751279) and T. cervi (HQ184406 and HQ184411), while 3 samples (2.7%) were identified as Babesia canis vogeli and showed 100% identity with reported sequences of B. canis vogeli (AB083374 and HM590440). Phylogenetic relationships among the sequenced samples showed that the Theileria sp. appeared in the same group as T. cervi, while B. canis vogeli appeared in a distinct group. This study is the first report on a variety of Stomoxyini flies infected with the Theileria and Babesia species in Thailand conducted using molecular identification techniques.



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