The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


A 46-year-old female Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) with an abnormal ballottement mass in the perineal area was presented. The elephant was unable to urinate via the normal tract. Previously, this elephant was treated for urethral and bladder obstruction caused by stones by episiotomy and urethrotomy. Eight months later, post-operative care was completed. At this point, the incision wound completely closed and the elephant could urinate through the normal tract. However, the elephant was then mated with an adult male elephant. Three weeks later, the female showed signs of the perineal ballottement mass and was unable to urinate. Episiotomy and urethrotomy were performed following the previous incision line. After resectioning through the urethra, urine from the urinary bladder flowed through the incision wound and urine scalding was found. Then, daily wound cleaning was conducted for two months. Finally, the surgical wound completely closed and a new urinated tract behind the vulva opening was completely formed.

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